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Am I the only person that has a hard time doing this? I am terrible about throwing things together at last minute and causing undue stress on myself. I know that if I’d just do it, I’d feel so much better!

This week, I buckled down and made my menu plan again. We were set to be home almost every evening, so I was planning on making things that take a little longer and can’t be eaten on the run. Then, I found out we have football camp every evening this week.

I’m going to try to stick to it, luckily most of it is casserole type dishes that can be reheated easily.

Here’s the week’s plan:
Sweet & Sour Chicken
Chicken and Biscuits
Breakfast for Dinner

We have get togethers and dinners Friday-Sunday, so we only need 4 meals this week.

Do you guys menu plan? How are you able to adapt it to a busy schedule?

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28. July 2009 by admin
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